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Mechan Controls

Safety Category
Contact operating distance
Magnetic safety sensor MS5-SS
Magnetic safety sensor MS6
Magnetic safety sensor MS5
Magnetic safety sensor MS2
Magnetic safety sensor MS6-SS
RFID safety sensor RSSG-SS
Magnetic safety sensor MS1
Magnetic safety sensor MS3
Safety control unit SCU-1
Magnetic safety sensor HED
Magnetic safety sensor HE1
RFID safety sensor RSSG
Electronic safety sensor SS-R
Magnetic safety sensor MS8-SS
RFID safety sensor RSSK
Electronic safety sensor B-TYP
Safety control unit FM1
Magnetically safety sensor HE2
Magnetic safety sensor HE1-SS
Electronic safety sensor CMA
Electronic safety sensor SS-S

Mechan Controls

Mechan Controls Plc design and manufacture non contact safety switches for machine safety applications. Mechan produced its first electronic safety switch in 1972, since which time, it has developed an enviable reputation as the industry leader. Today, tens of thousands of applications worldwide attest to the outstanding reliability of Mechan safety switches.

Mechan Controls’ range includes magnetic safety switches, coded magnetic safety switches, standalone electronic safety switches and uniquely coded electronic safety switch systems with up to 500,000 codes.

As well as producing the most complete range of non contact safety switches, Mechan also design bespoke safety switches to the most stringent performance requirements.