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Safety Category
Contact operating distance
Solenoid safety interlock TA2T6SL411
Actuator operated solenoid safety interlock switch.
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Safety interlock with safety key
Handle operated safety interlock switch with personal safety key.
Safety laser scanner UAM-05LP
Safety laser scanner with 5m protection zone (SIL2 / PLd).
RFID safety sensor PSEN C4
Non-contact uniquely coded RFID safety sensor.
Solenoid safety interlock Ex STM 295
Actuator operated solenoid safety interlock switch Ex.
Aluminium PLd Safety switch TAFSSQ1
Actuator operated safety interlock switch for PLd / SIL2 applications.
Safety interlock
Handle operated safety interlock switch.
Safety relais module SRM 21 RT2
Safety relais module for use in machine safety applications
Solenoid safety interlock
Handle operated solenoid safety interlock switch c/w push buttons and/or e-stop.
Safety laser scanner UAM-02LP
Safety laser scanner with 2m protection range (SIL2 / PLd).
Magnetic safety sensor MS5-SS
Non-contact stainless steel magnetic safety switch.
Magnetic safety sensor NCS
Non-contact magnetically coded stainless steel safety switch.
Safety interlock switch Safe Lock PLd GL 29931021
Solenoid safety interlock switchSafe Lock PLd GL with Guardmaster TLS1-GD2.
Safety switch Safe Lock PLd 29932011
Safety interlock switch Safe Lock PLd with Telemecanique XCS-A702. 
Magnetic safety sensor Ex RC Si M30
Non-contact coded magnetic barrel mount (M30) safety switch Ex.
Magnetic safety sensor Ex HS Si 4
Non-contact coded magnetic safety switch Ex.